Map of the march from Fredericton to Kingston

This map is based on research by W. E. (Gary) Campbell in his 2011 report entitled The St. John River Society Commemorative Canada Grant Mapping the March of the 104th (New Brunswick) Regiment of Foot for the St. John River Society in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Key to map based on the Table of Distances and Overnight Stopping Locations (p. 19) from Gary Campbell’s 2011 report on the mapping of the 104th’s route:
google_green  This is used for locations that have been positively identified from primary sources as places where the 104th stopped                                                               

google_blue  This is used for locations that, based on primary sources or local/family traditions, have a high probability of having been used by the 104th as a stopping place or as a location that they passed through

google_yellow  This is used for locations that might have been either stopping places or a location that the 104th passed through based on inferences made having considered distances, weather and the experiences of other travellers